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Institute in Pasing

Permanent hair removal in Pasing

Our institute in Pasing is one of the first skinflow institutes. The institute is centrally located in Pasing and is only 100 metres from Pasing train station. Pasing is the largest of our 5 institutes. It also serves as the headquarters of skinflow.

Look forward to a spacious institute with feel-good rooms, consisting of two treatment rooms and a consultation room, and to our team of specialists with years of experience.

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Your team on site

Team Pasing
Our Pasing team has been working together for many years. Some of our experienced specialists have been with us for over 10 years and have
been assigned to the Pasing location for just as long. In some cases, this  has led to very pleasant and familiar customer relationships, with customers who have trusted us for years and have had a wide variety of areas treated by us. Anja, Angela and Gina are well known here in Pasing.

Get to know our team:

Consulting / Treatment


Questions to Gina

What do you particularly like about your job?

It’s the complete package – I get to advise customers, then actively treat them, enjoy the success of the treatment with them and build a real customer relationship

What does a normal working day look like for you

I drink my coffee at home (Gina laughs)… it usually starts with a chat with my colleagues about the day’s upcoming consultations and treatments. Then it’s time to prepare for the first appointments and once that’s done, I look forward to seeing the clients of the day

What do you like about Institut Pasing?

Pasing is so beautifully open and spacious. Everything is bright and friendly. And it’s right near me, so luckily I can cycle there

Why do you think customers are in such good hands at skinflow?

I think it’s all about how you treat the customer. Hair removal is not an easy topic for everyone. That’s why I believe that personalised and honest advice is crucial at the beginning. My experience has shown me that honesty creates the basis for trust.


Our head office in Pasing is the largest institute. It is characterised by its spaciousness, its brightness thanks to the many windows and its modern furnishings. As in all our institutes, we want you to feel at ease, relax and switch off. In Pasing, you can do this as soon as you enter our institute.

Start with a no-obligation consultation to answer all your questions about permanent hair removal in Pasing. And then experience the effect from treatment to treatment and enjoy the success with your specialist at the end of the treatment

Feedback from Pasing

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Costs of permanent hair removal

For us at skinflow, you are important to us as a customer – that’s why we want to treat you individually according to your wishes and needs! However, this also means that we don’t offer “standardised prices” for permanent hair removal in Munich and the surrounding area.

As everyone is different in terms of their particular hair structure, hair growth, current situation and treatment requirements, we will put together a customised price package for your desired body parts.

As part of our try it out promotion, we are currently charging 50% off your first treatment, for example:

Leg area

per treatment for the entire leg area

225,- EUR
(Try it out promotion)

Underarm area

per treatment for the armpit area

54,- EUR
(Try it out promotion)

Bikini area

per treatment for the bikini line area

54,- EUR
(Try it out promotion)

Get individual advice from one of our specialists in a free consultation and choose the right treatment package for you.

We also have a special offer for you when it comes to choosing your individual method of payment: in addition to EC card, cash payment, etc., we offer you an attractive 0% interest installment payment, so you can pay in installments that you can afford, without any interest.

Frequently asked questions about permanent hair removal

The duration depends on the area to be treated. We plan around 30 minutes for smaller areas such as the upper lip or chin and around 30 minutes for armpits. For lower legs or parts of the back, you should allow around 1 hour.

The number of treatments depends on various criteria, such as skin and hair type or hair growth. Our specialists will tailor the treatment plan to you personally during your consultation. As a rule, you will need around 8 treatments, but sometimes more or fewer sessions may be necessary. Depending on how your hair reacts to the treatments or which area of the body is affected.

From our more than 14 years of experience and 15,000 treatments per year, 8-10 treatments are sufficient to have the intimate area lasered. However, as every hair and skin type is individual and different, we recommend clarifying this question in an individual and free consultation.

It is important to understand the word “permanent” correctly in this context: It does not mean that hair will never grow back. Sometimes it can actually happen that individual hairs grow back. This is often due to hormonal changes, such as those that occur during pregnancy or the menopause.

Complete hair growth will not occur again, however, because once a hair root has become desolate it will never produce hair again, which is often enough to achieve a long-term effect, depending on the predisposition.

However, complete hair growth will not occur again, because once a hair root has become desolate, it will never produce hair again, which is often enough to have a long-term effect, depending on your predisposition.

Permanent hair removal treatment should only be carried out by trained staff. You should always enquire whether the staff carrying out the treatment are certified before starting the treatment.

All our staff are highly trained and certified specialists with years of experience and over 15,000 treatments per year.

We use I2PL technology, a further development of laser technology: it has a broad wave spectrum of light and can therefore reach hair roots at different depths much more effectively and gently. As our devices work particularly gently and safely, we do not need any additional cooling as with some other methods.

Here are some reasons that rule out treatment. During your consultation, we will discuss your individual situation in detail and check with you whether treatment is possible.


  • if you are pregnant and 3 months after giving birth
  • if you have a pacemaker
  • if you have skin cancer
  • if you have fungal infections
  • if you have pigment abnormalities
  • if you have bleeding disorders
  • for skin areas with an increased number of moles
  • if you have extremely light- and sun-sensitive skin

At our skinflow institutes in Munich, we work with the so-called I2PL method for permanent hair removal. This stands for “Intense Pulsed Light” of the next generation – intense pulsed light. This technique is therefore a further development of the IPL and laser method for permanent hair removal.


The energy of the light is even stronger: nevertheless, these light pulses are very gentle and safe – and much more effective than IPL or laser technology.


With the I2PL method, a much broader spectrum of light can be directed via the dark pigment melanin in the hair down to the hair root, which is then destroyed – including the smallest supply channels – so that the treated hair no longer grows back. However, as not all hairs are in the same growth phase at the same time (approx. 10-15% at the same time), several treatments are always necessary to achieve a truly permanent result.


Of course, we also welcome spontaneous visits to our institutes. However, we definitely recommend making an appointment in advance – as we want to allow enough time for you so that neither you nor our customers are kept waiting. We want to give you professional and comprehensive advice and take the time to analyse your hair and give you a few initial test impulses. Because you should not only feel comfortable with us, but also safe and well informed.

Your question is not listed?

No problem. We’ll be happy to answer it in a free consultation.

How to find us

Spiegelstraße 6
81241 München

Google Maps

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By car
From the A99 motorway to Verdistr. München. Turn right into Pippinger Str. and continue onto Lortzingstr. Use the second lane from the right to turn left onto Lortzingstraße/B2. Then turn left into Bodenseestr., left again into Bachbauernstr. until Spiegelstr. from Neuaubing follow Bodenseestraße, turn left into Bachbauernstraße, follow this road until you reach Spiegelstraße from the city centre on Landsbergerstr/B2, turn right into Josef-Felder- Straße/B2 to Emil-Neuburger Straße, turn left there. Then take Kaflerstraße and Bachbauernstraße to Spiegelstraße.
Parking facilities
There is a car park for our customers next to our institute in the inner courtyard (pink entrance), marked with a “Kosmetik” sign
In the Pasing-Arcaden, 5 minutes on foot
In the Pasing Hofgärten, 5 minutes on foot
By S-Bahn
The S-Bahn lines S3, S4, S6, S8 and S7 stop at the Munich-Pasing S-Bahn station
By bus:
Bus stop “Pasing Bahnhof” with the buses 57, 65, 157, 160, 161, 162, 265.
By tram:
Tram 19
Footpath from public transport
From the main exit of the S-Bahn station (Burger King) and the bus stop (Pasinger Bahnhofsplatz), walk straight ahead into Gleichmannstrasse. The shoe shop “Raab” is on the right-hand side. Turn right here into Spiegelstrasse.
We are on the left-hand side after 70 metres. From the tram and bus stop (Pasinger Marienplatz) walk in the direction of Hypo Vereinsbank into Gleichmannstrasse. After approx. 150 metres turn left into Spiegelstrasse. We are on the left-hand side after approx. 70 metres.
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